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We give you a life-changing journey into some of the most remote and pristine areas in East Africa. We strongly advocate for positive ecotourism in our tailor made tours because we think the most important thing is to conserve our spectacular biodiversity.

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We know East Africa from each corner; we were born here, live here & work here. When you work with us you are dealing directly with locals, not overseas agents guessing about what is best for your African holiday. Our guides are all local, knowledgeable and indigenous to East Africa.

Customer Reviews

  • Had an amasing time touring Uganda with Chris. He did a fantastic job showing us his beautiful home and ensuring we had a great time. Highly reccomend

    Frankie J Mackie
    Solo Traveller
  • This is a great company with great people, I will go back with my family during Christmas holidays.

    Innocenta Dmaria
  • Excellent… I dream of going back on a safari with them. Try them you won’t be disappointed.

    Mwesigye Modern Gilly
    Solo Traveller

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