• Travel documents
  • Travel insurance & Medical documents
  • Travel directories
  • An updated trip itinerary
  • Safari hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Jacket
  • Long Sleeved shirt\t.shirt
  • Pairs of loose – fitting long trousers
  • Light weight dresses for women
  • Water proof hiking boots
  • Underwear for both men and women
  • Swimsuit
  • Waterproof rain jacket
  • Face-masks
  • A Phone
  • A small first aid kit
  • Strong gardening gloves
  • Sunscreen

A safari is an Overland journey to Observe or hunt Wild animals in their natural habitat especially in Africa. A Uganda safari includes activities such as game drives, Gorilla Trekking, game viewing, Boat Safaris, bird watching, walking safaris, Mountain Climbing and Hiking, Nature walks, Cultural Encounters among others. After booking your safari with your tour agent, you are excited about what you are about to experience on Your Uganda Safari Adventure. The next thing is prepare your packing list to travel to Uganda. When packing, one must put into consideration that there is no need to pack a lot because too much luggage may instead become a burden. Below is a list of what one may need pack for a Uganda Adventure Safari;

Travel documents: These include a passport valid for up to 6 months and necessary Visas. These should at least be kept in hand luggage. You can also make some copies of the passport.

Travel insurance and Medical documents; are also necessary plus any medical history if any.

Some pocket change (money) that should be at least kept in a money belt around the waist.

Travel directories; like maps and telephone contacts for the tour operator one is traveling with. Maps are very important for those traveling without a tour operator.

An updated trip itinerary from the tour operator you are traveling with. This should be accompanied with the detailed contact information of the tour operator

Safari hat; this is a must have for any traveler. Since the weather in Uganda is quite sunny, a hat will protect your head, eyes and neck from harmful UV sun rays. When you feel like the sun is boiling you alive, a hat is such a big help.

Sunglasses; this is number one accessory that should not be left out especially when coming to Uganda since the country experiences a lot of sunshine. Glasses protect eyes from harsh radiation in the sunlight, dust and make being in the sunlight easy.

Camera; this is one of the most important items that should not when packing what to carry for a safari to Uganda. Uganda’s beautiful attractions can be explained in pictures. A camera will help you to capture the best of different animals, help you remember what you saw, and capture videos for a memorable experience.

15 Days Uganda Birding and Gorilla Safari
A group of tourists using binoculars for bird viewing

Binoculars; this will help you see all the animals like the big five that are not easy to see since they don’t normally walk to the road sides of different national parks. For those that love bird watching, Uganda is gifted with quite a number of unique bird species and binoculars are the best equipment to help you observe them clearly.

Jacket; since the weather in Uganda keeps changing, one may consider carrying a jacket. Uganda is generally warm at night though at high altitudes like Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. It can be cold in the evening so you may need to carry a jacket to add you some warmth.

Long sleeved shirt \ t. shirt for men or blouses for women; these should not have bright colours because such colours tend to make animals shy away and attract insects like tsetse flies that cause sleeping sickness. It is appropriate that one chooses colours such as green, light brown, khaki, tan and many others. Such kind of clothes help protect you from the sun and insects and scratches from tree brunches and thrones.

Pairs of loose – fitting long trousers; these should also have earthly colours because they do not easily get dirty quickly and also protect you from harsh sun and scratches from tree branches. A long skirt is highly recommendable for women on a trip to Uganda. This will protect you from the sun and prickles from trees.

Light weight dresses for women; this is because the weather in Uganda is unpredictable and keeps changing therefore carrying a few dresses on your trip wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

Water proof hiking boots; this is one of the most important items one should include while planning a trip to Uganda. These are very vital especially during activities like gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking and mountain climbing because such activities involve going deep into the muddy forest. Because a safari in Uganda is all about the African wild there carrying a pair of hiking boots will be of a great advantage. The shoes will not only protect your feet and feet but also give you a steady footing even on slippery ground.

Underwear for both men and women; However, it is advisable for women to carry sports bras.

Swimsuit; Most lodges and hotels in Uganda have swimming pools, you can pack a swimsuit for relaxing at your lodge.

Waterproof rain jacket; When planning for a safari to Uganda during the rainy season you will need a rain jacket furthermore, the weather in Uganda is unpredictable so you will definitely want to carry a rain jacket. This will protect you from the rain since some activities like gorilla trekking and mountain climbing may find you when the activity is going on

A Tourist wearing a face-mask

Facemasks; In an era of Covid -19, face masks have become part of the new normal as a measure to reduce the spread of the virus. Therefore, carrying a number pair of face-masks will reduce the risk one getting infected with the disease and being stopped at points to inquire when your mask is.

A Pair of shorts; should also not miss when packing for a safari to Uganda. This will be more helpful during the hot days because Uganda experiences a lot of sunshine. They are also good for game drives and evening walks.

A back pack; Will help you to carry items like a jacket, phone, hand sanitizer, laptop, wipes and many others especially when going for activities such as gorilla trekking and mountain climbing.

A Phone; Is an important gadget that should be included when packing for a trip to Uganda this will help to keep in touch with the rest of family and friends. A phone will capture nice photos and videos that will create ever lasting memories for those that are interested in uploading their experience on social media a phone will serve you better.

A light weight umbrella; since the weather in Uganda keeps changing, you can carry a small umbrella when going for mountain climbing.

A small first aid kit; will have equipment that will help you when you get a few injuries. This shouldn’t contain useful medical items to help you to stay comfortable and safe. Items such as plaster, cleaning wipes, cotton wool and many others are some of the few items that should not miss in the first aid kit.

A Torch; incase of night game drives or when there is a power blackout.

Flip flops; these will keep your feet cool in the hot weather and keeps your feet relaxed and comfortable.

Pocket sized notebook for noting information that you may consider vital.

Sunscreen; this will give you protect your face and eyes from Uganda hot equatorial sun.

Strong gardening gloves; while on activities like gorilla trekking you will use these gloves to protect your hands while supporting yourself on tree branches or against stinging nettles.

Toiletries; although most lodges provide these, you need to carry your own Toiletries in case you are to camp far away from the lodge.

Socks; these will keep your feet warm during cold days and also protect you from mud.


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