About Uganda

The symbol of adventure

The Symbol of adventure

Uganda is a land locked and the smallest of the three countries that formally made up East Africa. It lies with in the tropics at 23 degrees North and South of the tropic of cancer and Capricorn respectively. This means it experiences seasonal variations bordering on rainy and dry spells, with the Equator cutting across its heart land.

A former British colony, Uganda is now home to over 30 million people with an estimated 70-80% of the population engaged in agriculture activities. Although Ugandans speak over 50 dialects,

English is the official language, the currency is the Uganda shilling and Kampala is the capital city.

Besides subsistence farming, other pillars of the economy include: The service and tourism industries coupled with several small and medium scale enterprises. Heavy industry is yet to establish a foot print, and is a fact which may offer little contradiction. The discovery of Oil and Gas in the Albertine region seems to be the latest pace setter for development and with commercial production slated for 2016, the fortunes of Uganda with its friendly, hospitable and generous inhabitants may be changed forever.

Generally speaking, Uganda is endowed with a very favorable climate, not too dry as to portend the scorching sun of the Sahara Desert, or chillingly cold and wet like a winter pattern would suggest.

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